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Membership Opportunities

Active Members

To become a Regular Member, you must be at least 18 years of age and interested in training to be Firefighters and/or EMTs. Personnel in this class of membership must pass a background investigation and physical, as well as meet minimum participation standards each year. Regular Members must complete a 12-month probationary period. Within eighteen months of joining the department, Regular Members must complete either Firefighter I (F/F I) or Emergency Medical Technician- Basic (EMT-B) and within 30 months, both must be completed. This type of membership also offers a live-in program. To apply to become a Regular Member, click here.

Junior Active Members

To become a Junior Member, you must be between the ages of 16 and 18 and must have parental approval. These members may take fire fighting training and participate in "Outside" fire fighting activities, but are prohibited from participating in any interior fire fighting or any other hazardous duties. Junior Members must maintain good grades in school (2.0 minimum) in order to participate in department activities or have full-time employment. To apply for Junior Membership, click here.

Semi- Active Administrative

The Administrative class is a group of members who do not wish to fight fire, but can contribute needed skills and services for the benefit of the company. Administrative members serve a 6-month probationary period and have minimum participation standards each year. They meet these standards by learning one or more of the following skills: reports, data entry, map development, fundraising, building and/or grounds maintenance, apparatus maintenance, etc. Please contact for current needed skills. To apply to become an Administrative member, click here.



Life Membership is granted to a Regular or Administrative member upon twenty-five years of service in which their service requirements have been met. Life members have full privileges of the department and they are eligible for a monthly reward after turning 60 years of age. Life members have no further service requirements, but their continued service and support is encouraged. Life membership is earned and cannot be applied for.

The responsibilities of an Active Members of the North Point-Edgemere VFD are to serve the community by responding to a wide variety of situations, ranging from emergencies that immediately threaten life or property to routine citizen requests for information or assistance.  Active members are required to obtain the minimum training certifications that include Firefighter I and/or Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, hazardous materials awareness, first aid, and CPR by the end of their first year of active membership.

Semi- Active Membership

Semi-active members of the North Point-Edgemere VFD take part in the vital roles of the volunteer fire company.  Although they do not respond to calls for service to the community, they assist in many other aspects of the daily operation of the volunteer fire company such as fundraising, organizing public events, and many behind the scene functions to assist in smooth operations of the volunteer fire company. 

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